Any SAPL students who were enrolled in any SAPL program,  MArch, MPlan, MLA, MEDes, and PhD degrees, in the 2022 year are welcome to submit to ULTRA 7.
In the past, ULTRA has been a published celebration of student work, and this year will be no different! ULTRA 7 will be a culmination of student work from January 2022 to December 2022. We also invite everyone to submit work from the current Winter 2023 term. We will be accepting any of the following work:
  • Blockweek work
  • Spring/Summer studio work
  • Elective/Selective work
  • Studio work
  • Written work

Submissions will be open from January 27th 2023 to February 26th 2023. Late submissions will not be accepted, so PLEASE SUBMIT ON TIME!

Primary Submission Link 
Secondary Submission Link
Written Work Submission Link 

Here are some guidelines to help you through the submission process.

Ensure all of your images, diagrams, renders, etc. are saved as individual, high-quality JPEGs. We WILL NOT accept submissions that are JPEGs of presentation boards or PDF files.

Decide while submission portal you will use
  • Primary Submission
    • Majority of the projects will be submitted through the Primary Submission portal
  • Secondary Submission
    • Only Elective, Selective, and Blockweek work is eligible for the secondary submission; NO STUDIO WORK
    • You are only able to submit ONE high resolution JPEG through this submission.
    • If you have a project that has multiple diagrams, images, renders, etc., you MUST use the Primary Submission portal.
    • This method of submission is focused to display the work of multiple students across the same course to show the variety of voices that emerge from a single prompt. (Encourage your classmates to submit!)
  • Written Work Submission
    • If you have written work from any of your courses that you would like to share, please submit a Word Document through the Written Work Submission portal.
  • Prompt Answer Submission
    • You may choose one or more of the prompts in this portal to write a response to. Responses do not have to be long; they can be between 50-200 words.

Answer any of the following (click the question to go to the submission page):
  1. What is the role of architecture, landscape architecture or planning in society?

  2. How has the design of the built environment amplified the erasure of individual voices or voices of a collective?

  3. How do you filter the voices of critics, peers, teachers, colleagues from your own design voice?

  4. How do we include the voices that have often been silenced or ignored?

  5. Who or what do you want to advocate for through your design work?

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