VOL. 5

[ beyond / apart from / behind / out of bounds / farther / free of / over yonder / superior to / in addition to / above / at a distance / outside / extended from ]

2020 will forever be remembered as a year of extremes: raging bushfires in Australia, Brazil and California; threat of nuclear war, stock market crashes, worldwide protests against systemic racism, monstrous typhoons and countless other natural disasters. Oh, and not to mention the onset of a worldwide pandemic. In the face of everything that has happened in the past year, it’s important to remember that not all extremes are bad. We saw the world come together to combat these crises in unprecedented and unbelievable ways; through drastic international cooperation, the demand for racial justice across the globe, innovation and adaptation in every industry worldwide, and the fastest vaccine development in history.

On the Far Side of ___ represents these extremes, questioning where our limits truly lie and how far we can be pushed when we cannot back down. 2020 challenged us to adapt and overcome when it seemed like the world was crashing down around us. Cities shut down overnight, working from home became the new norm for those of us privileged enough to do so, students migrated to Zoom for online classes, and we all relearned how to communicate with others through a screen when it was no longer safe to do so in person. We experienced shifts in our routines everyday, as we emerged from challenge after challenge. ULTRA V honours the incredible students who rose to this challenge of forging ahead with their education and lives during the most tumultuous year of our lives so far (may it also be the most tumultuous year in our lives, period).

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